About Us

Hi folks, my name is Adam Kaster and I am the owner of Lazy K outfitting. I would like to welcome you to our site and tell you thanks for your time. 

Lazy K Outfitting is a small but quality hunting service. If you are looking for quality hunting with honest people then you are in the right place. We strive to make your trip the hunt you will never forget. Come hunt and have a good time with us. We like to have small groups that are serious about hunting that want to put in the time HUNT and have a good time doing it. 

Thank you for considering Lazy K Outfitting call us anytime.


About Me:

I work full time as an Advanced EMT on the Ringgold County Ambulance, in my spare time I am either spending time with family, hunting or working on hunting ground. My passion has always been whitetail deer and sense we live in Iowa I have been blessed to be able to hunt big deer all my life. It has always been a dream of mine to guide and share my love of hunting with others so i decided to start Lazy K Outfitting.



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