Hunt Packages

We offer a few different hunting packages but are flexible and will try to meet whatever needs the hunter may have. 

  • 3 day hunt 1500.00 per hunter 
  • 4 day hunt 2000.00 per hunter
  • 5 day hunt 2500.00 per hunter         

We require a 300.00 deposit within 5 business days of  booking your hunt. If you cancel at least one month before your booking date you will receive a full refund on the deposit. Anything under one month you will forfeit your deposit. We do not guarantee a deer, this is all fair chase hunting. If you have doe tags you can shoot  1 or 2 does during your hunt depending on what farm you are on.  Any one wanting hunts longer than 5 days will need to contact us. These packages are based on full days in the stand so your hunt will begin the morning after you arrive. We would like you to arrive around noon the day before you plan on being in the stand that way we can go over your gear, look at stand sites, and do some scouting. If you get in and settled early  you have the option of  hunting the first evening at no extra cost.  

 Season Dates

  • Early muzzle-loader dates are October 15th to October 23rd
  • Bow Season dates are October 1st to December 2nd 
  • Late bow season dates are December 19th to January 10th 
  • Late muzzle-loader dates are December 19th to January 10th.


Stands and Blinds

Our stands and blinds are placed after countless hour of scouting. The straps on our stands are replaced every season to insure our client safety. If in a tree stand you will need to bring your own harness NO EXCEPTIONS. Our stands and our blinds are very well maintained for your safety and comfort. If need be our stands or blinds can be moved or other ones can be placed. You may bring your own stand, scout the land and hang your own sets.

Our Ground

Our hunting ground is located in zone 4, we offer hunts in Adams and Taylor county. All of our hunting ground is fiercely managed and specifically set up to grow and maintain mature Iowa whitetails. Most of our hunting ground is a good combination of crop ground and cover providing all the necessary components to grow and keep Iowa giants. Ground that is CRP or does not have a good food source has food plots planted that is designed for maximum antler growth and herd health.  On our smaller farms we only hunt one or two hunters per farm keeping the pressure down. 

 there is a few hotels and campgrounds with contact info listed at the bottom. We have some spots that you can park a camper or RV. 



We do have a couple of options for lodging, call for more information and additional pricing. At this time we primarily do semi-guided hunts and lodging is not in our typical packages. If you visit our contact page we have contact information for a few some hotels and camp grounds close by. We do have a spot for an RV or camper at an additional cost.